An Engaged Inner-City School

The unique location and nature of Prahran High School means that we have an opportunity like no other to connect our students with the city and the world around them.

Excursions and community-based activities.

Every learning sequence within our curriculum encourages students to ‘Make an Impact’ through activities and tasks that link learning to the community. Excursions and community-based activities are a regular feature of our learning program, and we have built and established a broad range of community connections that enhance learning.

Participation in the city and community.

Whether that is through local artists or entrepreneurs showcasing their work to inspire students, or by connecting with charities and community groups to provide a meaningful focus for student projects, learning for our students will occur through participation in the city and community that sits right on our doorstep.

Prahran High School is a proud inner-city school, enriched by the diverse, dynamic community of opportunity which surrounds us.