Partnership Opportunities

Prahran High School is committed to working in partnership with our community. As an inner-city school, in the heart of a thriving educational precinct and surrounded by business and community groups, small and large, the opportunities for partnerships are limitless.

We firmly believe that working in partnership with you will be mutually beneficial.

Perhaps it’s a partnership like this…

  •  You’re a local artist and you’re willing to collaborate with our Art and Design team to provide a chance for our students to collaborate on an expert project with you to learn from your success
  • You run a local restaurant and a chef joins our school to provide industry-standard leadership to our students as they plan for Big Ideas in Food Technology or to establish our student café
  • Our students have produced a series of designs in Design Lab to refurbish one of our outdoor learning spaces. To facilitate authentic assessment and feedback, they pitch their design to you and your architecture or design company

Already we’re grateful to have welcomed many community members and groups into our school and we’re only just getting started.  

We’re always thinking of opportunities. Should you be reading this and thinking, “I’ve got an idea, and we want to work with the new Prahran High School too,” please do Get In Touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch

We’ve already laid the foundations for a fantastic community sporting partnership with the Prahran Football Club! We’re excited about this partnership serving our community well long into the future.