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I live outside of Prahran High School’s enrolment zone. Can I still apply for entry?

Yes, you may still apply for entry to the school. DET’s placement criteria, along with the built capacity of the school and priority order of placement will determine the outcome of your enrolment application.

How do I get an Application for Placement form?

Government primary schools will distribute forms in Week 1 or 2 of Term 2.

If your child attends an Independent or Catholic school, please contact us for the appropriate form.

Can I apply in Grade 5 at the same time that non-government schools seek enrolment?

State government secondary schools cannot enrol children before Grade 6. The process happens each year early in Term 2 for the year following.

When are Application for Placement forms due for 2020?

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on society and hence schools, the process may be altered as we progress. However, forms do remain due back to Government Primary Schools on the 15th of May.

Should you require any further information or for further clarity about any of these points, please contact either our Finance and Admissions Assistant, Emily Kennan or our Business Manager, Joanne Clifton at school on 9113 1000.