Year 7 Enrolment 2020

The transition process begins in Term 1, 2020. An Application for Placement form will be provided by your child's Grade 6 teacher and then it will need to be completed and submitted by early May 2020.

We know you'll be enthusiastic to visit our school before you complete this form and regular school tours will be held throughout Term 1, 2020.

Transition Dates and Timelines are Important - Families Will be Notified Through Primary Schools in Early 2020

After these important dates, we consider all applications and our enrolment capacity, the first being the official school zone. It’s important to remember that families who reside within this residential area are guaranteed an enrolment place at Prahran High School.

After these students are offered a place, the school applies the official DET enrolment policy and will offer any further available places strictly in accordance with policy.

Do we reside in the Prahran High School zone? hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones. Information on this site is updated in Term 1 each year, ready for the Year 6 to 7 transition period.

Please visit to find out if Prahran High School is your local school.