Why Work with Us?

We want to work with people who truly want to work with us!

All staff at Prahran High School have responsibility to support, nurture and further the positive, learning culture which was initially established in 2019 and has been strengthened by each successive year. Our culture is precious to us and we commit to nurture it long into the future.

This is some of what matters most for members to us. Please read these statements, in conjunction with our PHS Model of Learning, our PHS Positive Climate for Learning model, our curriculum and our vision and values, then carefully and honestly reflect on the strength of their personal accord with you.

  1. Our school culture is grounded in a genuine belief in the fundamental importance of relationships and a deep commitment to kindness and care. We explore this through our value of ‘character’ and through our evidence-based Positive Climate for Learning, underpinned by Unconditional Positive Regard, Positive Psychology and Empowerment. We also fundamentally believe that “happy kids learn more”.
  2. We have high expectations of our students and ourselves, and we understand that students learn so much more effectively in a kind, positive environment. Behaviour moderation and improvement endeavours are grounded in positive, constructive relationships, restorative conversations and forgiveness. We have a bespoke relationships development framework we call ‘Connecting Us’.
  3. At Prahran High School, students co-create their school with us. We are committed to elevating the notion of ‘student voice’ to be much more than that – students and staff become partners in our learning journey. We listen to our students because we want to hear their views, ideas and questions. We know this is important and we know that it is right. It’s about empowering students to have real agency.
  4. Learning and teaching is approached in a consistent manner across the school, supported by a guaranteed and viable, dynamic on-line curriculum. Teachers’ and students’ unique strengths are valued and encouraged, but we all commit to the Prahran High School way. All teachers have responsibility to develop curriculum and we understand that curriculum development is never complete, it is ongoing and it is ever-changing, as the world changes.
  5. The very best teachers understand that collaboration is key to our success. We simply cannot and should not work alone – collaborative team practice is how we work together. Teachers collaborate in Professional Learning Communities to ensure a laser-light focus on student learning improvement.
  6. The best teachers understand the importance of effective communication. It might seem self-evident but it is not always the case and at Prahran High School, we commit to accurate, respectful, responsive and timely communication with our students, colleagues and families.
  7. The world around us changes rapidly, wildly and in ways we could never imagine. Staff at Prahran High School are agile, open to learning and understand that constant change is our world.
  8. We are committed to exploring contemporary technologies to support learning. We are also open to our students guiding us in new technological directions. We believe that digital technologies can enhance learning and we also believe that meaningful learning intentions must guide the technologies we explore and embrace.
  9. We are a proud and distinctive inner-city school and we take an inner-city perspective on our work together. Our school has a developing close relationship with our community. Students are encouraged to work alongside business and community groups to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Community members are invited to join us in school to support the students’ learning. After-school clubs, known as Life@PHS have become a vibrant part of our commitment to our students. We have a motto that ‘school doesn’t finish at 3: 00’ as the experience of our school is much fuller than that.
  10. Staff at Prahran High School may be open to flexible work hours at times. For example, to facilitate after-school sports, our Healthy Body, Healthy Mind teacher/s may agree to start later and finish later in the day. As a unique inner-city school, we are open to viewing our work together in new and responsive ways. In 2022, we aim to trial some classes taking place until 4: 30.
  11. Prahran High School is committed to being a school which develops leaders at all levels. We seek to continue to appoint aspirational talent to our school, people who are committed to their growth, development and who aim for future leadership roles in our school and system.
  12. We work extremely hard; we support each other and we celebrate our successes and milestones. We are excited to recruit new team colleagues to join us as we progress our learning adventure. We welcome your ideas and contribution with open hearts and minds. We ask that you share our commitments, belief and values too. At Prahran High School, we work hard, we see our work as a significant privilege and responsibility – and we aim to have a lot of fun together too.
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