Assessment and Reporting

At Prahran High School, we understand that assessment is critical part of the learning process, and we believe in the power of assessment to drive learning.

Students are assessed at multiple points during a learning sequence, and provided with extensive feedback to help them grow and develop their knowledge and skills.

Reports on progress and growth, as well as learning behaviours and effort, are provided multiple times each term, and help to link parents into the learning process.

We also use testing, such as the standardised PAT and On-Demand tests, to help identify student ability levels, and use this information to identify students who are ready for extension and additional challenges, and in planning tailored learning support where it is needed.

When a teacher teaches, no matter how well he or she might design a lesson, what a child learns is unpredictable. Children do not always learn what we teach. That is why the most important assessment does not happen at the end of learning – it happens during the learning, when there is still time to do something with the information.

Dylan Wiliam, 2011