School Doesn’t End at 3pm

When we think about the experiences our students have at Prahran High School, we don’t just think of the in-class time. That’s vital, but school is more than that too – it’s what we call Life@PHS

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The nature and objectives of the clubs that run at Prahran High School will be shaped in large part by the interests of our students. The students have continuing opportunity to develop and lead this part of the school.

Add to this our annual camps program, beginning with our Year 7 Adanac adventure camp and Year 8 Tasmania tour and Life@PHS is certainly looking bright.

Clubs Running in 2019
PHS Basketball Academy
Art and Design Club
Student Leadership Action Team
Learning Enrichment Challenges
Homework Tutoring Club
Tournament of Minds
Homework Club
Book Club
Inter-School Sports and Training
French Club

Participation is the key. When students are truly engaged in their school and take advantage of all opportunities, Life@PHS is a fabulous experience.