Student Leadership and Agency

At Prahran High School, our students have an extraordinary opportunity to truly help co-create their school.

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We have a once in a generation chance to develop a school which is truly best for young people, today and in the future.

Free from any sense of ‘what we’ve always done’, Prahran High School looks to the future. We do that in partnership with our students. This is our school and we develop it together.

Further, truly esteeming and promoting student voice and agency is central to developing our students as current and future leaders. We foster young people as both quiet and formal leaders and strongly support them to understand and embrace their capacity for making a positive impact on their school and world.

We encourage student agency in learning, through choice and differentiation. We encourage their leadership and input as we develop Life@PHS initiatives, on the School Council, through planning and leading our assemblies and so much more.

When the staff come up with an idea for the future, we know that testing that idea with feedback from students is key to getting the best out of our work together. We genuinely see our students as partners on our learning adventure.