The Arts

Prahran High School allows students the chance to express themselves in a variety of dynamic, creative ways

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Students learn new skills in a broad range of fields, including visual art, music, drama, dance and more.

In Year 7 students study Art, Design and Innovation. This subject focuses on traditional visual arts, such as painting, drawing and sculpture and also incorporates modern technology such as 3D design software and laser cutting. The emphasis is on both artistic skills and the innovation and creative process, and students are encouraged to link their artistic skills to the world around them.

Our Performing Arts subject cycles through units focusing on drama, music and dance, and provides all students with the chance to plan, direct, choreograph, and ultimately perform their own work. Performances are held either at the custom-build performing arts space within the school, or at local community theatres, and will be a regular feature throughout the school year. The Winter Shorts program of Year 7 mini-plays is held late in Term 2 to celebrate their introduction to the study of drama.

Students are also encouraged to challenge themselves in the arts by participating in programs beyond the classroom. Our Art and Design club features both master-classes in extension skills, and the chance for students to complete ‘passion projects’ with the support and guidance of their teacher. We are currently developing a range of musical offerings, including our school choir, and will continue to add musical opportunities as the school grows. Instrumental music will be offered from 2020 and the specific opportunities depend on the interests of our current and future students.

We are deeply committed to The Arts and believe that the benefits of students engaging in an outstanding program of Arts education are far-reaching and essential preparation for success in their world.