Our Vision & Values

Our Purpose: The core purpose of Prahran High School is for all students to learn and to develop the intellectual rigour and character required to make a positive impact in their world.

Our mission is to foster curiosity, creativity and empathy in the students in our care in order to develop young leaders of character and purpose who can confidently embrace life’s challenges and make a positive impact in their world.

Supported by Our Values: The “4 Pillars”…


The ability to think creatively and critically will be a defining trait of tomorrow’s successful young adults. We encourage creative, independent and original thinking in all aspects of our school curriculum, fostering an environment of active collaboration and exploration.


Curiosity is the doorway to exploration, understanding and the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. We encourage our students to be lifetime learners and are inspired by what Albert Einstein once said: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”


Today’s students will learn to live, grow and work in the most challenging of times characterised by complexity, uncertainty and constant change. We will strive to strengthen resilience, resolve and intellectual rigor in our students so they will be up for the challenge.


Character traits including empathy, compassion and self-awareness are essential to living a meaningful and purposeful life. At PHS, we emphasise the development of sound and strong character alongside the achievement of academic excellence.

Nestled in the creative, urban heart of Prahran and Windsor, Prahran High School proudly reflects the diversity, aspiration and entrepreneurial spirit of this community.

At heart, our school is a school for students, in every way. Our school strives to develop positive young leaders who will graduate from Prahran High School ready to make a positive contribution to our community - locally and globally.

At all levels of our learning organisation, the concept of prioritising, valuing and measuring impact will help shape and guide our work.

In essence, it becomes a school motto, for students and staff – Prahran High School: Make an Impact

Couched within this big idea of ‘impact’ is a core set of values that underpin all that we do together as a new school. The school values that we have developed are simple, but with scope for depth and complexity limited only by our imaginations. These values are integral, as we know that leading an effective school begins by setting a clear direction and painting a picture of what the future can be for us.