The Future

We are evolving and growing all the time.

One of the major developments of 2021 has been the launch of our new IMPACT9 program. Driven by a desire to provide students with authentic challenges and agency, our core learning areas have provided students with more choice – such as the option to choose a text and project outcome in English, or to choose their learning pathway in HBHM.

Our students have also chosen Specialisations. These are unique subjects that extend and challenge them in science, technology and the arts, or new opportunities to try learning areas such as fashion design and philosophy. Supporting this are our IMPACT9 Projects, where students have the chance to collaborate on projects focusing on identity, entrepreneurship and innovation, supported by a range of activities such as guest speakers and excursions.

We’ve also introduced new Learning Areas at Year 7 and 8. Our existing Design Lab program has been complemented by the introduction of our Product Design and Technology room, providing students with the opportunity to build their capabilities when working with wood, plastics and electronics. We’ve also introduced a classroom music program for Year 7 and 8 to round out our performing arts program, with students rotating between Drama and Music across the year.

One major project for 2021 that is already underway is the development of our Senior School/Later Years model and we have already developed a proposed curriculum structure that is currently being reviewed by staff and students across the school.

Our model aims to provide a flexible and authentic 3-year Senior Program, with students able to access a wide range of VCE subjects in all key learning areas based on their interests and capabilities and complemented by a range of other authentic senior pathways (such as VET).

There’s lots more to do in this space, including developing our systems for assessment and exams, and we hope to be able to present a major outline of our program to families in early Term 2. Our approach to Years 10 – 12 is our key future planning step and much is happening to progress this work.