Positive Behaviours and Wellbeing

At Prahran High School, we believe that “happy kids learn more”.

Prahran High School has developed a range of strategies to promote student engagement, positive behaviours and respectful relationships for all members of our school community. We understand that some students need extra social, emotional or educational support at school, and that the needs of students will change over time as they grow and learn. We also understand that prioritising the development of mutually respectful, kind and authentic relationships is the foundation from which all else grows.

We work collaboratively with students and families/parents/carers to establish fair and respectful behaviour policies and practices, based on the Prahran High School values, expected social competencies and positive peer relationships. There are also intervention strategies in place to address inappropriate behaviours which can negatively impact on the learning environment of the self and others.

We are committed to a school climate of genuine positive wellbeing for all, as we know that we achieve better results when we feel welcomed, supported, safe and cared about.

We also believe that student wellbeing and learning are deeply interwoven and that student wellbeing is the responsibility of all members of our school community.

At Prahran High School, we offer a positive, safe and supportive school environment so that each child can reach her or his personal best.  We take a whole school approach to wellbeing with our Positive Behaviours protocols and expectations.  Our approach is preventative and proactive, through our culture, our commitment to unconditional positive regard and the programs that are embedded in our curriculum.

There are also times when we need to provide high-level support for students with complex needs. This support is led by our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Team, supported by our connections to relevant external agencies and services nearby.

Our Positive Behaviour Expectations

PHS is an inclusive school. We’re proud of our commitment to valuing the diverse needs, thoughts and experiences of the young people in our care.

Mindfulness Matters

We value mindfulness as a strategy and a practice to connect us deeply to ourselves, our emotions and our learning.

Mindfulness practices help build individual mental health and wellbeing through positive, pre-emptive tools and activities. Scientific research has proven that mindfulness meditation:

  • Assists with the management of pain and stress
  • Helps build resilience and compassion
  • Improves focus at work and in the classroom
  • Helps with creativity and collaboration

As Prahran High School develops, a planned approach to esteeming mindfulness is taking shape as a key part of our school learning culture.