Our Curriculum

Prahran High School is committed to offering a broad, diverse and engaging curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on both Learning Areas and Capabilities.

Prahran High School is also committed to an evidence-based approach to the various curriculum innovations which help make our school unique. We embrace our obligation to provide a guaranteed, viable and shared curriculum for our students and community - accessible anytime, anywhere. The Prahran High School curriculum flows from, and informed by, our collaboratively developed Vision for Learning.

Deeply embedded in the design of our curriculum is the belief that students can, and should, make a positive and significant impact as a result of their learning at school.

We plan our curriculum around term-length cycles of learning that connect to a Big Idea and extend beyond the classroom, providing all students with an opportunity to apply their learning in a meaningful, purposeful and authentic way.

Year 7 and 8 Curriculum: Creativity and Connections 

Our Year 7 and 8 program is designed to excite and encourage an enthusiastic sense of curiosity in our students, connecting them to each other, their school, our values and our community. Our Year 7 and 8 program is designed to prioritise the core skills of literacy and numeracy as we know them to be absolutely essential for success in higher levels of schooling, work and life. Students are challenged in their learning, working at times independently and often in collaboration with others.  Further, as students begin and consolidate their learning at Prahran High School we strive to develop their sense of creativity in all its myriad forms and ways. Students have agency in their learning and they have significant sequential and individual opportunity to advance the skills learned in Year 7 when they progress into Year 8, and pathways beyond.

Year 7 and 8 Curriculum: Creativity and Connections

PHS Learning AreaTime AllocationVictorian Curriculum Areas
Stories, Language and Culture5 sessionsEnglish and Humanities
Intercultural Capability and Critical/Creative Thinking
Mathematics4 sessionsMathematics
Critical and Creative Thinking
The Ethical Scientist2 sessionsScience
Ethical Understanding
French2 sessionsLanguages
Design/STEAM Lab 2 sessionsDesign and Technology
Digital Technologies
Critical and Creative Thinking
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body3 sessionsHAPE
Personal and Social Learning
Art and Design2 sessions (1 semester)The Arts - Visual Arts
Food for Life/Future Food2 sessions (1 semester)Design and Technology
Take the Stage (Drama/Music/Performance)2 sessions (1 semester)The Arts

Mentor Teachers

Students will all be assigned a Mentor Teacher who will have further connection, relationship and wellbeing responsibility for students in their group. This involves: Learning Boot Camps, connections, transition, organisation, wellbeing, special care and becoming a significant relationship for students and families.

Instrumental Music

Our Performing Arts and Music curriculum is supported by our instrumental and ensemble music program which began in 2020 and builds further in 2021.


Year 9 Curriculum - IMPACT9

Welcome to IMPACT9

Year 9 represents an important moment for our young people. For us, it is the culmination and highlight of learning in the Middle Years and a chance for our students to extend, challenge and apply the core skills and knowledge they have built in Year 7 and 8, and to engage with the community and world beyond the school in more significant and more authentic ways.

However, Year 9 is also a critical step towards the future, both at school and beyond, where learning is characterised by agency, independence and responsibility. We are committed to offering our Year 9 students agency and independence over their learning, while also aiming to build their personal and social capabilities to help them become rounded and independent young adults.

IMPACT9 equally values and prioritises learning and wellbeing. We recognise and esteem the unique differences and strengths of each of our students. We provide learners with opportunities to grow, explore and express themselves as learners and citizens. Ultimately, we want our students to see themselves as active contributors and participants in local and global communities, and to know that they have the capacity to Make an Impact, both now and in the future.