Our Principal

Prahran High School is a very special place. Students are challenged and supported to learn, think and thrive.

We know our students well and we value their unique strengths and challenges. We are committed to a school culture which is positive, engaging and safe.

I’m delighted to introduce myself as the Foundation Principal of Prahran High School. I’m deeply honoured to have the opportunity to lead this community as we develop an extraordinary, contemporary school for our students.

As your Principal, I’m excited, grateful, ambitious and determined. I have a fundamental belief in the power of positivity, the setting of high standards and the importance of truly doing one’s best. At Prahran High School we commit to showing unconditional positive regard for the young people in our care. We work from the belief that ‘happy kids learn more’ and this belief drives our learning culture.

Prahran High School sets high standards and expectations in all ways.

Our school is a welcoming place of learning where students, staff, families and the broader community work together, side-by-side.

We also work from the belief that setting high standards of behaviour, manner, uniform, contribution and achievement shows our students that we are committed to them doing, and achieving, their very best. School is about learning, about intellectual rigour and academic success, and it is also about nurturing and developing children as a whole – their character, as well as their minds.