The Library

The library at Prahran High School is an inclusive, vibrant hub of the school. There is something for everyone at the library!

“Warmth, safety, nice people, and even nicer books. What more could I ask for from my ideal school library?” — Bailey, Year 9

Welcome to the PHS Library!

We have an extensive range of resources including fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, biographies, French books, magazines and board games, as well as a number of online databases and eBooks, and the collection is always growing.

The library hosts reading and research classes throughout the school day and works to support the curriculum in all subject areas. It is also home to Book Club, Writers Club, and a place to hold meetings or collaborate on group work.

We are open every weekday for students before school, at recharge, lunchtime, and after school.

There are no limits to how many books you can borrow and books are yours for three weeks, unless you’d like to renew them. To borrow a book, bring it to the front desk and let Ms McEwen know your name. The return box is located just outside the library door.

Is your favourite book not in the library yet? Is there a new book coming out that we MUST have? Then let Ms McEwen know and chances are, we can buy it for the library!

“The library is great. It has every book you could possibly need, and if it’s missing one, well, that gets changed very quickly.” — Trinity, Year 8

“I love the wide selection of texts our library contains, and it has a dedicated non-fiction section for interested students to read. Not only that, but another amazing thing about the library is the fact that students can submit books they would like to see put into the library.” — Nate, Year 9